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We understand how business owners struggle with uncompliant web designers leaving them with outdated websites, inadequate customer service, or sites that are not mobile responsive.

At Bizsites, we lead with high-premium customer service because you have enough on your plate running a business. Let us solve your website problems efficiently and quickly.


Website performance is crucial. Google can penalize slow loading or unsecured sites, and that can hurt your rankings.

High-performing web servers and content delivery networks will deliver your web content from the closest user servers. We include SSL Certificate and employ firewalls to protect your site from outside hackers.


Web development can be crazy expensive. You have to consider hosting, SSL certificate, updates, and upgrades on top of the initial development costs.

We have no hidden prices. Bizsites removes cost issues for small businesses. We have an affordable setup fee of $749 and a $49/month maintenance fee.

Great Price. Great Service. No BS.

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Imagine if you could confidently know your website is working for you while you sleep.
It is possible. We can help you create your dream website and start attracting new clients today.

Your BizSites Service includes:

  • A Fast and High-Performing Website
  • A Customized and Visually Appealing Website
  • A Mobile-Friendly & Fully Responsive Website
  • A Digital Home for Your Brand to Attract Organic Traffic
  • A Marketing Tool That Provides Peace of Mind
  • An Accessible & Professional Customer Service Package

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